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Sainsburys School Games Gymnastic competition results

Nicol Mere attended the Wigan cluster competition with a massive 21 children representing the school last week. Compare this to a megre 2 in my first year at the school and we can say that this alone is a huge success. I’m very proud of the children and all the hard work they have put in and some videos will follow so keep an eye out on here.  

I can also reveal that some medals have been grabbed along the way.
Our year 1/2 team finished in 2nd place (Silver)  overall. Aiden Lucas also grabbed an individual bronze!

Our Year 3/4 team 1 & 2  finished in 3rd- bronze (team 1) and 5th place (team 2)

Our year 5/6 team finished 5th overall. Just 0.5 away from a medal showing how close the competition was.  Millie Scapens grabbed an individual bronze !
I’ll put a video together this week from the footage I’ve got.  Well done to everyone who took part. We are proud of your commitment and effort shown and the behaviour at competition was exemplary.  



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Indoor athletics practice underway 

Year 5 and 6 after school practice with a view to competition is underway !



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Term 2 is teamwork galore !

This term we have competitions in lots of sports. From gymnastics at all ages and dodgeball, tri golf and indoor athletics but to name a few. We have large groups going out of school to represent Nicol Mere which is always exciting.
After school clubs include 

Y3/4 football Monday

Y1/2 gymnastics Tuesday 

Y3/4 dodgeball Wednesday 

Y5/6 indoor athletics Thursday

I’ll be reporting in with blogs during the year so please visit regularly for updates on PE lessons after school clubs and competitions. 
Mr Wood

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