Our sporting journey.

Rugby makes its mark.

This term our children are working on basketball, hockey and rugby. Here are our reception children doing speed agility and quickness through hurdles and ladders whilst sending and receiving with the rugby balls. What great work they did ! 



Nicol Mere achieve Silver status Kite mark for sports provision

The school sports provision has improved dramatically in the last 18 months with funding put into resources, staff, training and equipment.  Free lunch time sessions and free after school clubs for children have been well received and competition success in a wide range of sports including rugby, dodgeball, gymnastics, football and basketball.

This effort was recognised during the spring term with the Sainsburys school kite mark award being given to our school in recognition of the standards of work we adhere to.  Mr Wood attended the ceremony along with some children from our sports council (Luke, Freya & Lucas) but thanks should really go to our children of Nicol Mere who embrace the sport that we offer.  Well done to all our children and congratulations.



Wigan gymnastics competition 2016 

year six team win gold and year three and four team win bronze with individual gold for Libby and individual silver for Alex fantastic performances and results on behalf of our school.