Our sporting journey.

Reception Children In PE – Target Sports

With target sports recommended for key stage 1 children. We introduce some skills for our reception children to try. As you can see, the school has a wealth of equipment to use.

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School gymnastics competition a great experience

Our school attended a Wigan gymnastics competition (sainsbury school games) today with teams in the lower key stage two and upper key stage two categories.  The children did well and enjoyed the experience despite a few early nerves getting the better of them.  🙂 All part of the competition experience for our children and fantastic life development. 

Results and videos of performances to follow….

For now a lovely team photo. Well done guys !!

Edit !!!!
Well the results and fantastic news for our school as our year five/ six team won the team gold and our year three and four team managed to grab third place and bronze.

Even more great news follows with Libby Keaton grabbing a gold in the individual scores Alex avramovic gaining silver. Amazing stuff !!!!


Year 6 Pair Ready To Compete For School Honours

A short video of two of our year six girls who are due to take place in a regional gymnastics competition on behalf of our school. Good luck Libby & Alex.


Lunch time indoor athletics

Here are our indoor athletics club for y5/6 practicing skills for an upcoming sainsburys school games. The children love it. Looking forward top the 5th of February now. 


Gymnastics after school on point

After school clubs are booming again with a variety of clubs on offer. Here we have a few of our y1/2 gymnastics club showing their moves !   

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